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 to some of the most interesting and unusual hand carved wooden vessels you have ever seen, including, but not limited to, spalted maple, oak and maple crotch, cedar and walnut.  My goal with these pieces is to preserve their organic essence while  enhancing their intrinsic beauty to create something that is both pleasing to the eye and functional.  I prefer to carve most of my pieces from end grain because of its striking figure.  One of the difficulties of end grain is its propensity to split.  I can usually fill small splits with various types of minerals, or even on some pieces, crushed shells, which  actually enhance the appearance of the wood.  If the splits are large... well then I have something with which to feed the wood stove.  Nothing goes to waste in my shop!  So if you appreciate fine hand crafted woodwork, check out my site.  I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

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 Sandy Springs

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One of my latest pieces featuring a detail of the inlay

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